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Free Spirit Luda

Luda Requadt, for those who knew her, was a feisty, fiery woman with an intense free spirit and drive to be unconventional. I came to know her during the year I served on the Board of Directors for the Bay Area Tango Association, and ever since I have valued her unique and wonderful friendship. Anyone who tasted her famous Russian Borscht knows that she loved to cook, loved to be around people, and had to do everything herself. It's no wonder that when she was ill-she didn't tell a soul. She simply went about her life as best she could. Her long time friend, Mark, was there for her during this period of time, and it came to my knowledge through Deby Novitz that she was ill. We attempted to see her, but were unable to reach her-the phone just kept ringing.

For the Tangueros and Tangueras who knew Luda, this is a very sad day. She loved to dance so much that even when she shattered her ankle in nearly every place possible, she still came to the milongas in a cast with a shawl draped over it, dressed in her finest tango dresses, with a brilliant smile on her face, anticipating a time when the cast would come off. Some of you may remember a poem I wrote for her and read at Cellspace last year, after she got her first pair of custom made tango shoes from Buenos Aires:

Luda's New Shoes

emerald green
suede and supple
slide-gliding magic
little leprechauns
across the floor:
they are the gold
at the end of the rainbow
they are the
emperor's new clothes
and we will
tango till we're sore
my shoes and I
till we're old
and till we're gone.

I didn't know then that the last line would be so defining for me now. I will miss Luda, our little Leprechaun, our feisty, fiery breath of fresh air. I only hope that when I get to be older and wiser, that I share her same lust for life, her great spirit, and love for people in general. She was kind, she was generous, she was hospitable, and she loved to dance. Please take a moment out of your day to remember her.

Heather Bryan

Luda's family had a service on 2/26 (Saturday) 8:30 PM at:
St John's Russian Orthodox Church
1900 Essex St
Berkeley, CA 94703
(510) 845-2944

In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation in Luda's name to the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Luda Requadt BW of a colorful lady.
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